GED Super Math Course for Programs

GED Super Math Course for Programs

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What is the GED Super Math Course for Programs and How Can I Use it With My Students? 

The GED Super Math Course for Programs is a dedicated course platform that is restricted to your specific program. The course platform includes 10 lessons that teach the skill areas needed to ensure your students reach the 145 passing mark for the test.

This course is streamlined and focused around your students passing the GED Test with a score of 145 - 150. The most difficult to learn material is eliminated. Most students with a seventh to eighth grade math level can complete the course in 4-8 weeks and pass the GED Math Test.

Each lesson includes four parts: 1) lesson objectives and course introduction, 2) lesson worksheet, 3) lesson video, and lesson practice test. Each lesson can be completed in approximately one hour and 30 minutes (10 minutes reviewing the lesson objectives, 30 minutes watching the lesson video, 30 minutes completing the lesson worksheet, and 20 minutes taking the lesson practice test.

Each lesson focuses on two parts: 1) the skill and 2) interpreting word and picture problems. The lesson practice test presents GED-styled problems to prepare students for the kind of questions they will see on the actual test.

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The cost of the curriculum is a one-time cost of $1,500 per campus (Annual course host fee of $139 is billed upon purchase and then annually).

Special pricing through September 1, 2020 - $500. That's a lifetime cost of only $2.50 per student - a tremendous value!


What happens after my purchase:

1. You will complete a survey that will provide the information required to set-up your dedicated course platform.

2. You dedicated course will be set-up in 2 business days